How to Pick the Right Phone Plan

If you haven’t upgraded your phone for a while, you may be overdue. In this case, you also might want to consider changing up your wireless plan. If you’ve had the same family plan for years, it may no longer be the best option for you.  After all, a new plan could mean better service. Here’s how you can pick the best phone plan.

Network Coverage Is Key

Once you’ve decided on a carrier, visit its website and check for coverage maps. The more maps it offers, the better, since this will give you an idea of what the carrier’s network looks like in your hometown and along your regular commuting routes. In addition, check in with friends living in the same neighborhood who are currently subscribed to the carrier of choice and get their input on network coverage. Read product reviews online and shortlist your choices.

Evaluate Your Data Needs

Our data consumption is constantly increasing. We stream music, watch videos and upload photos on social media. We send messages and make calls through chat services. All these activities require a lot of data usage.

Track how much data you use on your phone. As new streaming apps and technologies like HD video and surround sound become available, you might find yourself running through your allotted data more quickly than before. To avoid overages, think about upgrading your plan to one with a higher data allowance, or consider offloading videos and music onto a microSD card.

If you are looking to buy a new phone, getting a plan with a higher data allowance is recommended. Your new phone will operate at a faster speed than your current device, which will likely use more data.

Beware of Perks

Contract carriers might be tempting with their free international roaming packages and unlimited data plans. Before you commit to a wireless service that has attractive perks, read the fine print. Free international roaming packages and so-called unlimited data only get you access to slow internet speeds, and higher speeds come at extra charges.

Rather than accept a plan with these limitations, look for one that allows you to use a regional phone card only when you are only traveling abroad. The price is often much lower, and it gives you data access as fast as modern high-speed wireless networks allow.