Quick Guide: How to Find the Right Car

There are lots of decisions to make when choosing the best car for your needs. You need to look at safety, fuel economy, reliability, value for money, running costs, design, and size. While the process may seem overwhelming, you should know that the right new car for you is out there, and we’ll help you find it. Read on.

Figure out What Exactly You Need

Be honest with yourself: Are you likely to take your car to the mountains or use it to carry lumber? If you try to get a vehicle that’s capable of doing everything, you’ll end up buying a car that’s too expensive. Remember that there are always needs and wants. When picking a vehicle, start by understanding what specs or features you really want in the vehicle. For instance, if you drive long distances every day, it’s in your best interest to get a vehicle that is fuel-efficient, even if that means you’ll need to compromise on horsepower.

Set Your Budget

You’ve seen those advertisements that promise low-interest rates for 60 months. But borrow too much or borrow it too long, and you could find yourself in over your head. The fact is, unless you have a big pile of money lying around, you’ll probably need to get a car loan. But first, use a car loan calculator to work out what purchase price will give you a monthly payment that comfortably fits your current budget.

Use a Car Finder Tool

A number of automotive websites have tools that will help you filter your search by vehicle category, price, and even specs. Use such a tool and create a target list of five cars that appeal to you. Then, look at competing models. The market is full of similar car models from different brands. So, researching competing models may help you find a car that is better than your initial pick.

Test Drive the Vehicle

You need to feel the wheel before you seal the deal! While many people assume it’s not necessary to test drive new cars, the truth is that this is something you need to do if you are considering buying a car. It’s best to test drive all the cars that appeal to you one after the other, so you can mentally compare how they feel when you’re driving them.