Should You Buy an SUV or a Sedan? Find Out

Both sedans and SUVs are incredibly popular across the country. If you’re looking to buy a car, it’s likely that you already have a preference—but the type of vehicle that fits your needs and lifestyle may be different from what you’d like to buy. This guide will break down all the key differences between sedans and SUVs so that you can make an informed buying decision.


The first thing that sedans and SUVs have in common is that they are both really popular among car buyers. Sedans have always been a popular choice, but SUVs have also become extremely sought after over the last few years.

Advantages of SUVs


Whether you’re looking for extra space to carry more passengers or need truck-level cargo capacity, SUV models offer an impressive amount of space.


SUVs are usually more capable when compared to sedans. All-wheel-drive is a standard feature in SUVs, making them ideal for those who drive in less favorable weather conditions often. Many sedans, on the other hand, don’t offer the same feature.


When you drive an SUV, you can enjoy more visibility, thanks to the elevated seating position. You also get greater visibility due to the back windshield and large side windows.

Advantages of Sedans


Sedans, as a class of vehicle, tend to be the safer option. There are some SUVs getting the safety features previously only reserved for sedans — but still, sedans have closed trunks that secure your valuables better than the cargo area of an SUV.

Better Fuel Economy

Despite the popularity of SUVs, sedans still reign supreme in terms of fuel economy. That’s not surprising, given that most sedans come with four-cylinder engines, which are always more efficient than larger engines. Even some powerful sedans that feature V-6 engines are more fuel-efficient on average, in comparison to trucks and SUVs, due to the smaller size of vehicles they power.

More Affordable

Sedans have a more affordable price tag, are cheaper to insure, and they use less gas. This makes them the more inexpensive choice.